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Communities Engaged (Click Photos For Details)

"Bernita and her team lead an outreach campaign in multiple communities within the city of Detroit and surrounding communities that increased the awareness and engagement on our platform by the thousands. She led the project with a keen eye on the needs of the target population and the best methods to reach them." Kim Johnson, Senior Network Advisor, Youth Development Resource Center

Youth Planting Spices

Excellent Schools Detroit Scorecard

AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps VISTA

"Bernita took the term angry parent and made it a profession" Georgeann Herbert, Senior VP, trategy and Community Engagement, Detroit Public Television

COTS Soup Fundraiser

Lobby Days with 482Forward

DAPCEP Cross Country College Tour

"Bernita is a deeply connected and committed community leader. She helped us to make connections to the greater Detroit community for our conference that we could never have made for ourselves." Gary Bolles Chair, Singularity University

Women Creating Caring Communities. Grace Lee Boggs and UAW

City Wide School Expos

Supported families in selecting new schools during the STARR Academy School Closing. This event was the family appreciation and farewell celebration.

“When Teach For America Detroit launched the inaugural Detroit Summer Learning Institute (DSLI), Bernita played an irreplaceable role in helping us develop an enrollment and communications strategy that resulted in our ability to serve more than 300 students from across the city and representing over 40 Detroit schools. Additionally, Bernita and her team worked alongside us to connect with families and ensure they had what they needed to engage in DSLI.” Michelle Ormsby, Teach For America

Recruitment of families to attend Wayne County Community College Family Literacy Carnival

MAPSA Annual Conference: The Village

Detroit Area Pre-College and Engineer Program Annual Steam Day Facilitator

Distribution of Detroit Parent School Guides

Indiana University Spring Shadow

City Wide Press Conference


West Virginia Parkersburg,Facilitation on the Future of Work

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