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The Founder

Bernita Bradley is a social entrepreneur who advocates for and with families in Detroit, Michigan. She is the founder of The Village, an outreach and recruitment team that ensures that future outcomes for children are prioritized within community, philanthropic and education environments.

Bernita understands that successful community partnerships are authentic and must be built on fidelity. Foundational to The Village success is understanding that youth and parent voices are key to all great community partnerships; and works to be a fair and just liaison between families and institutions.


Bernita is the mother of two beautiful children, and a grandmother of one. She is committed to this work not only for them, but also for the many youth whose futures are so important.

Bernita invites individuals who have her shared values and principles to join her in her work, and together they bring about successful outcomes for all involved.

Support Options

Desk Telephone

Cold Calling/ Text and Messaging Services

Targeted Canvassing and Literature Distribution

Event and Staffing Support

Following up with families require positive interactions that will keep people engaged. Allow The Village team to manage your day to day connections.

Hosting vendor tables, literature distribution and door to door canvassing, The Village Team will train or partner with your staff to get the job done.

Engaging staff and community members doesn't have to be a task you take on by yourself. The Village Team will support you and the community through all phases of your outreach plans

"Bernita is a fierce advocate for Detroit families. We often engage her expertise to connect with, listen to, and share information with parents and caregivers. EarlyWorks strives to deliver programs and communications that have a positive impact for families, and Bernita's work and advocacy reinforces this."  

Melissa Vander Laan

Senior VP, Strategic Communications,

Early Works LLC


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